2019 Interactive Sustainability Report


The statement of CEO  of  TATNEFT Company on COVID-19

Our world is facing the daunting challenge that touches each one of us. Today everybody wants to do maximum possible to prevent the spread of the virus COVID-19. To overcome this unprecedented scale of danger were directed the efforts of doctors, public authorities, individuals and groups. Many people are showing their resilience and courage, fighting the disease.

"Tatneft" focuses all feasible efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on the territories of its activities and be ready to resist the pandemic. Our main goal is to save life and health of those, who work on our facilities, and the local population!

Also, we consider it to be our obligation to help medical workers, authorities, our fellow citizens in providing effective preventive measures. On the Company's facilities, we produce means of anti-infective protection: disinfectants; special costumes and face masks for medical workers and employees of social and governmental services, contacting with the population.

We are taking measures on sanitary cleaning of cities and settlements. Our volunteers are helping elderly residents of the South-East of the Republic to comply with self-isolation. We are conducting comprehensive explanatory campaigns with the stage and residents of our region.

Simultaneously with coronavirus pandemic manifest risks of global economic problems, reduced consumption of oil and oil prices. In these difficult conditions "Tatneft" in a timely and decisive manner is taking all necessary measures to preserve financial and corporate sustainability.

We talk with gratitude and pride about our employees who switched to a special mode of operation, to ensure energy security of the country on the production of the continuous cycle and essential services; about our employees' family members, treating the situation with great understanding.

We are taking care of our business partners, clients, contractors, suppliers, for diminishing possible risks and consequences of the pandemic seeking to liaise with each.

In this difficult time, we all should know what do to and stay calm! Ultimately this will help us to cope with the challenge! Together!"

The statement of CEO  of  TATNEFT Company on COVID-19 

The statement of the Company TATNEFT in the pandemic COVID-19

Currently, we are all faced with the toughest challenge of the pandemic COVID-19. It is a call for a review of corporate sustainability. Our Company accepted it with high responsibility for the life and health of our employees and population, mobilised all possible resources to counter the spread of the coronavirus infection and to combat its consequences.

Today we are taking efficient efforts to ensure stable work of our industrial sites. With increased control operate stably vital for region services, supplying heat, electrical energy, water in houses, hospitals and clinics, shops, pharmacies and all large businesses, on which depend security and economy of our country.

Plans have been drawn up and are being implemented, ensuring continuity of our production processes. We are ready to take efficiently all appropriate actions, according to different possible scenarios. Taking into account the dynamical change of the situation "Tatneft" promptly cooperates with key business partners. We are coordinating work of all our enterprises in the new environment.

However, in the first place, the Company focuses its efforts on the preservation of health of all employees, working on our enterprises, and local population. We are concerned about the safety of our business partners, contractors, suppliers and clients. Considering the experience of those, who have before us have been exposed to the attack of the virus, we are taking preventing measures to avoid its spread on our territories. "Tatneft" is one of the first in the country to have transferred offices to remote work. The quality corporate digital system of remote access allows us to continue routine work on all levels of management processes. We have implemented the transition to the special mode of operation of workers employed in the production of the continuous cycle. All Group companies apply the use of disinfectants and face masks. We have organised disinfection of all transport. Special measures of safety for, including not only our personnel but also Gas stations' clients, were implemented on our gas stations and complexes. Overall, there is effective preventive and informative work with all those involved in the activities of the Company and those who live in the region of our activity. Our volunteers deliver all the necessary to elderly residents so they can stay home.

In cooperation with local authorities, we are devoting special attention to equipping medical institutions with the necessary equipment and medical supplies.

To counter the spread of coronavirus and ensure preventive measures "Tatneft" begun to produce means of protection. "TANEKO" has begun releasing disinfectants, enterprises of the Group are producing safety masks and anti-infective costumes, in the first place, for medical workers and employees of social and governmental services contacting with the population. In the upcoming days "Tatneft" will deliver to residents of Tatarstan 60 million safety masks, and also machines for its production.

In this difficult time, the whole team of the Group "Tatneft" is showing consistency in action and high responsibility in solving the challenges we are facing. Also, we appreciate the understanding of the family members' of our employees.

The Company attentively monitors the situation globally, in our country and in the regions where our facilities are located. Following the recommendation of WHO and national governmental authorities, the Company is calling all to be attentive to yourself and your family, and stay home.

We will keep the environment informed of our actions as the situation evolves.

We are determined and will do our utmost to prevent risks of the pandemic. The Company will keep focusing its activities on ensuring the safety and health of people working on our enterprises and local population.

We will keep the environment informed of our actions as the situation evolves.