2019 Interactive Sustainability Report

Local communities

“Following the principles of high corporate responsibility, the Company makes a large-scale contribution to ensuring favorable living conditions and quality of life in the territories of its activities. We implement targeted corporate programs to support healthcare, science, education, preservation of spiritual heritage, culture and sports in the form of social partnership and social investment. This contributes to the sustainable social stability of the regions of our activity, which simultaneously increases the level of investment attractiveness of the Company. "

Nail Maganov  
General Director of PJSC TATNEFT
From the Report of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, June, 2019

Enterprises of TATNEFT Group are city-forming enterprises in most localities of the operation regions. Following the principles of corporate social responsibility, the Company, together with municipal authorities, implements projects to improve and develop the infrastructure of cities and towns, takes part in the construction of socially significant facilities, and promotes the development of education, healthcare, culture, and sports.

Assistance to the economic development of the regions of the Company

Ensuring budget revenues

The Company is one of the largest taxpayers, providing a stable contribution to state budget revenues, which contributes to the implementation of the state socio-economic policy. In 2018, the total amount of taxes, payments and contributions accrued for PJSC TATNEFT was 475 billion rubles, including 57.7 billion rubles — to the budget of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Promoting the development of infrastructure, related industries, industrial complexes

Production activities, the investment program and new projects of the Company have a significant impact on the development of industrial infrastructure and related industries, provide an increase in the level of introduction of advanced technologies, digital solutions and general industrialization in the territories of presence of TATNEFT Group enterprises.

The Company’s investment program includes the expansion of territories and areas of activity, the development of new extractive assets, the construction of new and modernization of existing production facilities, the formation of a high-quality, socially oriented and environmentally friendly infrastructure for doing business in the regions of operation.

The stable demand of TATNEFT for products and services in the regions of operation creates sustainable opportunities for the development of the business of suppliers and contractors of the Company, guarantees jobs and employment of the local population, including in related industries.

The company gives priority to recruiting local indigenous people.

Small and Medium Business Support 

The company implements a targeted program to support small and medium-sized businesses based on mutually beneficial cooperation. The main forms of such cooperation are the creation of new promising production of goods and services on the basis of the released capacities and economic facilities of the Company.

On this basis, we see a real prospect for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region and are ready to provide this opportunity to interested parties by leasing or selling the vacated production facilities. 

Today, the region has all the necessary conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses: a developed network of banking services, leasing and consulting companies are operating, the population's solvency is growing. The entrepreneur's idea is the missing link against this background. Fresh thoughtful ideas for the development of new industries and the provision of services are a real prospect for enterprising entrepreneurs. 

The company develops the Idea-South-East Innovation and Production Technopark – Alabuga -2. Petrochemistry,created in 2004 in Leninogorsk with the aim of promoting the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the southeast of the Republic of Tatarstan. On a well-organized territory with a well-functioning infrastructure, there are premises intended for placing offices and ensuring production activities. 

One of the main tasks of the Company is to create optimal conditions for organizing and developing business on the territory of the Technopark. Representative offices and production facilities of 40 enterprises are located on the territory of the Technopark. 

Technopark is a Full member of the Association of Industrial Parks, a member of the Association of Enterprises and Industrialists of the Republic of Tatarstan, a member of the ASRO "Commonwealth of RT Builders". In November 2017, IPT "Idea-Yugo-Vostok" was accredited by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. 

Detailed information about the Technopark.

Promoting an inclusive environment for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups

The company strives to develop an inclusive environment for people with disabilities in the workplace and in the infrastructure of cities and towns.

More than 300 people with disabilities work at the enterprises of the Company, incl. with specially equipped working conditions. We equip our administrative buildings and a number of production facilities with ramps where people with disabilities are allowed to work.

Work on the development of educational opportunities for people with disabilities, starting from a young age, is highlighted in a separate direction. As part of the implementation of SDG 4 "Quality Education", it is planned to launch a program to support children, parents, teachers and educators to create conditions for the education of children with disabilities, incl. in remote settlements in the regions where the Company operates.

The company takes part in the Program of the Republic of Tatarstan to support the employment of the unemployed. In the context of the pandemic, 50 jobs were specially created to ensure safety conditions. 

Social Programme Register
Social Investments AreaProject nameLocation

Cities and communities infrastructure development assistance program

Capital improvement of roads

Almetyevsk, Sarmanovsk, Nizhnekamsk, Nurlat, and Aznakaevo municipal districts

Upgrading yard areas  




urban-type village Karabash of Bugulma region

Improvement of Lenin str. with the repair of sidewalks and facades of the first floors of apartment buildings.

Repair of the Memorial in the central park named after the 60th anniversary of the Tatarstan oil.


Funds allocated for gasification of the Ursala microdistrict.


Repair of facades of residential buildings on the K. Marx str.


Renovation of the Glory Memorial Square with a fountain and landscaping.

Urban-type village Jalil in Sarmanovsky municipal district

Dog run was improved.


Large scale environmental programme

Funds were allocated for development of design and estimate documentation for reconstruction of treatment facilities.

Bugulminsk, Leninogorsk, Menzelinsk, Sarmanov municipal district

Completed the construction of biological treatment facilities in the village of Kaleykino

Almetyevsk municipal district

Replacement of sewage conduit.

Funds allocated to purchase and plant trees.



Measures are being taken to improve the water area of the Stepnoy Zai River

Almetyevsk municipal district

Funds allocated for development of design and estimate documentation for reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities with an increase in capacity

Village of Aktanysh Aktanysh region

Capital improvement of water supply grid

Mary-Suksy community

Aktanysh region

Water supply and sewerage work have been completed. Work has been performed to equip the terrenkur in the National Park "Nizhnyaya Kama”

Novosheshminsk region

Water supply and sewerage work have been completed. Work has been performed to equip the terrenkur in the National Park "Nizhnyaya Kama”

Urban-type village of Jalil in Sarmanovo municipal region


Construction of drinking water supply system

Village of Yankeevo, Aznakaevo municipal region

Repair of water supply grid.

Aznakaevo municipal region

Health Care Support

Implementation of a large-scale Almetyevsk and TATNEFT medical center facilities reconstruction project.


Construction of a radiotherapy building for the oncology dispensary is continued


Funds allocated for construction of a modular boiler house on the territory of the Almetyevsk Central Regional Hospital


Completed repairing the roof of dermatovenerologic dispensary

Inpatient palliative care unit was created at the Almeyevsk Oncology Dispensary.




Medical equipment was purchased to equip the resuscitation service for the Nizhnekamsk Central Regional Hospital


Education Support Programme

A programme to provide doctors with housing has been implemented

Almetyevsk and Bavly municipal regions

Funds allocated to start the construction of facilities for R&D and training center, and implement the development strategy of the AGNI* University as a Higher Oil School

*Almetyevsk State Petroleum University


Funds allocated for construction of the engineering school in the Zapadnye Vorota microdistrict.







Capital improvements on two classrooms damaged after fire at school No13


Funds allocated to repair sanitary facilities in 7 schools, and replace windows at the Mametyevsk school.

Almetyevsk municipal district

Funds allocated for the development of design and survey work for construction of a workshop building in school No. 6 (SU-2) and construction of a gymnasium in school No.5 Almetyevsk


A unique biological laboratory was built at the Lyceum No.2 (EMGI*) Almetyevsk

*Mathematics and natural science gymnasium


Assistance was provided to the Almetyevsk Physical Education College for capital improvements on the colleague building and the hostel. This project is being implemented along with the Republic.


Financial assistance was provided for forming up a digital development center for the Almetyevsk Polytechnic College.


Financial assistance was provided for the examination of the structural-load capacity of buildings for the Almetyevsk Trade and Economic College


Capital improvements in Secondary school No4

Capital improvement of the GAUSO building Rehabilitation center for children and teenagers with disabilities "Scarlet Sail”

Capital improvement of the comprehensive school in the village of Malbagush

Housing programme for teachers implemented

Funds allocated to organize Olympiad of young geologists among schoolchildren of Tatarstan to be held at the children's health camp of PJSC TATNEFT.



Aznakaevo municipal region

Maternity and Childhood Protection Programme

Funds allocated for capital improvements of 6 kindergartens.

Funds allocated for capital improvements of kindergartens.

Funds allocated for capital improvements of

kindergarten "Swan".



Aznakaevo region


Tukaevo region

As part of implementation of project "Kindergartens of Almetyevsk: high quality of the educational environment through development of open professional interaction between teachers" funds were allocated for the supply of wooden magnetic construction kits, and wooden blocks with shelves for kindergartens in Almetyevsk.


Funds allocated to install children's playgrounds in the courtyards of cities.

Oil producing region,        Republic of Tatarstan

As part of the "Help get ready for school" campaign, completed schoolbags and gym suits for large and low-income families were purchased

Oil producing region,        Republic of Tatarstan

Support programme for veterans, and people with disabilities

Allocation of funds for sanatorium rehabilitation of non-working pensioners of TATNEFT Group

Oil producing region,        Republic of Tatarstan

Providing financial assistance to city societies of people with disabilities in the Republic of Tatarstan upon their requests

Oil producing region,        Republic of Tatarstan

Funds allocated to supply rehabilitation equipment for the Bavlinsky non-profit organization "I can" to assist people with disabilities


Funds allocated to organize and hold the visiting Plenum of the Republican Council of Veterans


Payments of utility services for local communities of people with disabilities, holding various events for people with disabilities

Almetyevsk municipal district

As part of the "Active Longevity" programme, Centers for Active Longevity equipped with adapted simulators for the elderly were formed

Almetyevsk, Almetyevsk, Aznakaevo,

Urban-type village of Jalil in Sarmanovo municipal region

Providing financial assistance to the local public veterans’ organization (retirees) of the Almetyevsk municipal district (AMD)

Almetyevsk municipal district

Providing material assistance to the Great Patriotic War veterans, widows, home front workers (retirees of the TATNEFT Group enterprises) on the occasion of the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.

Oil producing region,      
 Republic of Tatarstan

Sports support and physical culture movement development programme

Continued construction of bike paths


Financial assistance was provided to continue the reconstruction of the Power Engineer stadium premises


Construction of an annex to the Yubileiny Ice Sports Palace.


Funds allocated for capital improvement with purchasing equipment for the Ice Sports Palace (ISP) "Lachin".


Completion of Sputnik Ice Sports Palace construction


Assistance for hockey, equestrian sports, tennis, swimming, cycling, volleyball, karate, figure skating, chess, judo, field hockey, children's and youth boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, and national wrestling Kuresh.

Oil producing region,       
Republic of Tatarstan

The implementation of the "Green Fitness" project continued.


Agriculture Support Programme

Allocation of funds for the development of agriculture

Almetyevsk Aznakaevo

and Leninogorsk municipal regions

Culture Support Programme

With the financial support from PJSC TATNEFT, the construction of the Public Center and the Symphony Concert Hall started.

Funds allocated for reconstruction of the stage complex of the Almetyevsk Drama Theater.


Funds allocated for capital improvement of the rural House of Culture

Community Novyi in Tukaevo region

Funds allocated for capital improvement of the village community club

Kichuchatovo Village in Almetyevsk region

Funds allocated to upgrade the musical base of cultural institutions

Oil producing region in Republic of Tatarstan

Purchased button accordions, piano accordions, violins etc.


Conducting concerts with the participation of prominent figures of culture and art


Conducting cultural events, celebrating Victory Day and Sabantui in districts of oil producing region

Oil producing region,        Republic of Tatarstan

Spiritual resurgence programme

Restoration of the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God


Funds allocated for construction of the Trinity Cathedral


Funds allocated for construction of the Temple.


Funds allocated for capital improvement of the Central Mosque


Funds allocated for the commissioning of a mosque on Kuibyshev street.

 Sarmanovo Village

Central R. Fakhretdin Mosque Reconstruction Project is being implemented.


Charitable assistance was provided to the mukhtasibat of the Almetyevsky district and the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan to conduct statutory activities, pay utility bills, and hold national holidays




TATNEFT Charitable Foundation

The TATNEFT Charitable Foundation was created with the aim of implementing social projects of the Company related to supporting education, culture, scientific creativity, sports, and providing material assistance to various categories of the population.

Detailed information about the Fund.