2019 Interactive Sustainability Report

Trade Union Organization and Collective Agreement

The company recognizes the rights of every employee to collectively represent interests, including trade union organizations, recognizes and respects the rights of trade unions, including the rights enshrined in the basic conventions of the International Labor Organization - the right of each employee to be represented by a trade union of his / her own choice and basic trade union rights freedom of association and the right to organize workers in trade unions, and the right to collective bargaining.

The company does not prevent its employees from joining associations and trade unions. This right is exercised through the participation of TATNEFT Group employees in the activities of the trade union and in the process of forming the Collective Agreement. 

Trade union organization

The main collective representation of the interests of the Company's employees on the basis of partnership is carried out by the Interregional Trade Union Organization of PJSC TATNEFT. 

About 137 thousand people are members of the trade union organization, of which more than 86 thousand people are working, about 46 thousand people are non-working pensioners, more than 5 thousand students and 33 thousand are working youth.

Primary united, primary trade union organizations in the number of 149 formations conduct their work in structural divisions, service management companies and subsidiaries located in Tatarstan and beyond, as well as 4 formations are students of educational institutions.

Sociological surveys are regularly conducted among workers in order to determine the degree of satisfaction of members of the trade union with the organization of labor and its safe provision, the quality of work of trade union committees. Legal advice is provided. There is a "helpline" in the trade union committee, where each member of the trade union can call and voice his problem. In the primary trade union organizations, a reception was organized on personal matters of members of the trade union. 

Commission on Social and Economic Protection of Trade Union Members

Provides identification and timely solution of the problems of trade union members, the formation of proposals to the conciliation commission of the Company to increase the level of social protection of employees, control over the implementation of the provisions of the Collective Agreement, informs about the activities of the trade union committee.

Legal Protection Commission

Monitors compliance with labor legislation by administrations of enterprises on the following issues: conclusion, amendment and termination of employment contracts with employees; working time and rest time; wages; guarantees and compensations; labor discipline, participation of trade union committees in the adoption of local regulations. The work carried out by the commission in conjunction with the trade union committee, trade union committees of primary trade union organizations and with employers makes it possible to reduce the number of labor conflicts at enterprises and to effectively resolve them.

Based on the results of inspections, employers and trade union committees of primary trade union organizations are sent information about the violations found to eliminate them. Issues of employers' compliance with labor legislation are considered at meetings of the Company's trade union committee with the invitation of responsible persons.

 Labor Protection Commission

Public control of the implementation of the current legislation in the field of labor protection in enterprises is carried out by the labor protection committee, the chief technical labor inspector of the trade union and representatives of the trade union for labor protection. In order to protect the rights of workers injured at work and members of their families, the chief technical labor inspector of the PJSC TATNEFT trade union takes part in the investigation of accidents at work, as well as as part of commissions in various areas in inspections. 

Youth Commission

Participates in the formation of a package of proposals to the conciliation commission for the development of the Collective Agreement, and also assists in resolving issues of youth teams, including issues of labor rights and social guarantees. 

Organizational-mass commission

A trade union organization unites 171 primary trade union organizations that operate at the enterprises of PJSC TATNEFT, in the Republic of Tatarstan and other constituent entities of the Russian Federation. 

Cultural and Sports and Health Commission

The Commission holds various events dedicated to supporting creativity, the continuity of cultural, national and spiritual traditions, as well as a healthy lifestyle and sports.

Housing and household commission

The trade union committee participates in the development and implementation of the housing policy of the TATNEFT Company, assists in solving housing problems and improving the living conditions of workers and pensioners.

Food Control Commission

Together with the administrations and chairmen of the trade union committees, the commission constantly monitors the quality of food in working canteens, in food points for drilling crews, in crews of underground and workover wells.

Commission for Work with Veterans of Labor and the Great Patriotic War

The Commission, together with the administration of the Company and the Councils of Veterans, provides assistance to non-working pensioners in solving social problems, financial support, as well as support for a healthy lifestyle and longevity, and cultural activities.

Collective agreement

The basis of cooperation is the Collective Agreement, which is adopted annually and covers all employees of the Company. Each employee has the right and opportunity to participate in the process of forming the Collective Agreement by sending his proposal to the trade union organization. A conciliation commission, consisting of representatives of the PJSC TATNEFT administration and the trade union committee, considers each proposal. Trade union representatives take part in the consideration of all social and labor issues and events significant for employees, incl. carrying out structural transformations of the Company, changes in the field of organization and remuneration.

The company provides employees with a package of social benefits and guarantees. Obligations to ensure them are enshrined in the Collective Agreement concluded annually between PJSC TATNEFT and the labor collective and covering the employees and non-working pensioners of the Company.

The collective agreement contains the mutual obligations of the employer and the trade union committee in 12 sections. They reflect the tasks of effective production management, the organization of safe work and its decent wages, social benefits for employees and support for non-working pensioners, a section on guarantees of the trade union organization.

The enterprises of the TATNEFT Group have signed their own Collective Agreements, which in the content and amount of benefits and guarantees strive to comply with the Collective Agreement of PJSC TATNEFT.

The collective agreement provides for:

  • benefits and guarantees for employees;
  • social protection of young workers;
  • support for veterans and retirees.

The structure of social benefits and guarantees is determined by the Standard of the Collective Agreement of the TATNEFT Group of Companies, which is advisory in nature for all enterprises of the Group. 

Information about the Collective Agreement is posted on the website