2019 Interactive Sustainability Report

Enviromental impact indicators

The company is one of the leaders in the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation and is aware of the nature and scale of the impact of its activities, correlates them with the importance of rational use of natural resources, ensuring safe production, preserving a favorable environment and reducing climate risks. 

We take measures to prevent environmental pollution, reduce and prevent negative impact on it, including natural objects with increased vulnerability and objects, the protection and preservation of which is of particular importance; increasing the energy efficiency of production processes, ensuring resource conservation, rational use of natural resources, minimizing their losses. 

Production and investment planning provides for the identification of all significant factors of impact on the environment, including reducing the loss of oil, gas, as well as oil and gas processing products and preventing their release into the environment; increase in the utilization factor of associated petroleum gas; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; reducing the significant impact of the Company's activities, products and services on the biodiversity of protected natural areas and areas with high biodiversity value outside the boundaries of protected natural areas; additional risk assessment in ecologically valuable areas. 

We implement a comprehensive approach to reduce environmental impact and strive for leading positions in the industry in terms of minimum negative impact on the environment.

Indicator Name Measurement Unit "Exploration and Production” Business Area Oil and Gas Processing» Business Area
Oil production / refining million tonnes 29.8 10.50
Gas production/processing million m3 1,009.6 843.70
Amount of hydrocarbons produced/ processed toe 43,779,078.40 15 991 482,21
Total emission of pollutants into the atmosphere ‘000 t 73.2 17.8
Specific emission of pollutants into the atmospheric air per unit of extracted/processed hydrocarbon raw materials kg/toe 1,67 1,11
Greenhouse gas emissions mln t СО2-equivalent 1.4 0.7
Specific greenhouse gas emissions to atmospheric air per unit of extracted / processed hydrocarbon raw materials kg СО2-equ/toe 31.98 43.77
Associated petroleum gas (APG) utilization rate) % 95.93 -
Clean water used, total ‘000 m3 38,375.52 6590,55
including for the needs of:
- household and drinking water ‘000 m3 469.71 308,3
- industrial ‘000 m3 19,056.67 6,282,25
- other (injection for RPM) ‘000 m3 18849,14 -
Specific water consumption for the Company's own (production) needs ‘000 m3/toe 0.866 0.393
Drainage to surface water bodies, total: ‘000 m3 25.93 4,045.36
- contaminated (without cleaning) ‘000 m3 0 0
- contaminated (insufficiently cleaned) ‘000 m3 25.93 0
- standard clean (without cleaning) ‘000 m3 0 0
- treated to standard quality: ‘000 m3 0 4,045.36
- at biological treatment plants ‘000 m3 0 3,985.48
- at physical and chemical treatment facilities ‘000 m3 0 59.88
- at mechanical treatment facilities ‘000 m3 0 0
Specific drainage of polluted waters into surface water bodies without treatment or insufficiently treated ‘000 m3 0.0006 0
Waste availability at the beginning of the year (1to 4 hazard classes) ‘000 m3 1,192.181
Waste generated per year, total: t 54,427.065
including: t
hazard class 1 t 8.528
hazard class 1 t 7763
hazard class 1 t 24,961.892
hazard class 1 t 23,496.527
hazard class 1 t 5,952.355
Waste received from other enterprises (1-4 hazard classes) t 696
Waste utilized in the Company’s own production activities (1-4 hazard classes) t 2,130.747
Waste disposal in own production (1-4 hazard classes) t 86.6
Transferred to third-party organizations for disposal and neutralization (1-4 hazard classes) t 37,627.712
The share of recycled and neutralized waste (1-4 hazard classes) t/t 0.791
The share of recycled and neutralized waste (1-4 hazard classes) without taking into account the historical heritage t/t 0.810
Environmental payments (payment for negative impact on the environment) for excess emissions, discharges, for excess waste disposal RUB ‘000 481
Environmental payments (payment for negative impact on the environment) in total for the reporting year RUB ‘000 10,681
Share of excess payments in the total amount of payments for negative impact on the environment RUB / RUB 0.045
Specific frequency of incidents on pipelines leading to spills of oil, condensate, oil products and formation waters cases/1000 km of pipeline 0.104 -
Specific amount of spilled oil, condensate and oil products as a result of accidents and gusts kg/toe 0 -
The ratio of the area of contaminated land at the end of the year to the beginning of the year ha /ha 0/0 -
The ratio of the reclaimed contaminated land area during the year to the area of contaminated land during the year ha /ha 1 -