2019 Interactive Sustainability Report

Stakeholders. Working together

Our entire environment is a stakeholder and allows the Company to accumulate experience in various areas of corporate practice. An open level of interaction helps us to more deeply assess external views on various topics and problems concerning the interests of various groups of communities, the observance of human rights and determine more significant priorities.

Strict adherence to legislation and industry standards relevant to the Company's activities. 

Adherence to ethical standards, which also includes the desire to maintain a diverse and inclusive culture in the corporate environment.


  • Shareholders and investors
  • Business partners and clients
  • Employees
  • Contractors
  • Local communities
  • State
  • Regulators

We ensure the progress of sustainable development together with our environment, taking into account the position of stakeholders in all aspects of the corporate, production and socially significant activities of the Company.

Forms of interaction

Interaction with stakeholders is carried out at all levels of the Company's activities using mechanisms and forms that correspond to the scale and content of the tasks being solved that are in the sphere of mutual interests. 

With a number of stakeholder groups - regional and federal authorities, trade unions, public and sectoral Russian and international organizations, business partners and associations - the Company builds relationships based on cooperation or partnership agreements.

Principles of stakeholder engagement


The company strives to ensure the safety of all its production and economic activities and products. We strictly monitor compliance with all regulatory requirements throughout the chain of business processes, to the final products and services provided. Protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, local communities and consumers includes ensuring appropriate procedures and measures, and providing products and services that are safe and do not pose an unacceptable risk of harm in use or consumption. The company at all stages of the life cycle of products and services assesses their impact on health and safety in order to identify opportunities for improvement, including increasing environmental performance.

Significant incidents of non-compliance with health and safety impacts of products and services in 2019 -2020 (as of the date of this report) has not been fixed.

Provision of information

The company discloses information in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the applicable legislation of the territories in which it operates. In addition, the Company voluntarily discloses information in order to obtain the most complete and objective picture of our activities for stakeholders to make decisions.

We provide stakeholders and consumers with access to complete, accurate and understandable information that allows them to make informed decisions, including information about our business processes, product labeling, posting information on the websites of our manufacturers, and providing additional information. We also interact with our partners, suppliers and dealers to provide the most complete information about our products, necessary and useful for consumers.

The Company has a standard for concluding contracts for the supply of products and the provision of services, which is aimed at clarity and clarity of wording and information about the subject and conditions of the contract, including price parameters, terms, responsibilities of the parties, specification of products and services.

Cases of non-compliance with regulatory requirements and significant violations of the provision of information related to informing stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, business partners, consumers in 2019-2020 (as of the date of this report) has not been fixed.

Fair and Responsible Marketing Practices

The company uses only good marketing practices and protects consumers from unfair or misleading advertising, information or labeling. The Company's activities in the field of product and service promotion, advertising and marketing comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as with the applicable regulatory assets of the countries in which the Company operates.

In 2019 -2020 (as of the date of this report) there were no significant cases of inconsistency of the Company's activities with legislation in the field of promoting products and services, advertising and marketing. The Company has not been charged with significant fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations regarding the provision and use of products.

Compensation for damage

The Company has clear mechanisms and procedures for resolving claims and disputes with interested parties, including consumers of our products and services, as well as measures to prevent them and the procedure for compensation for damage.

The company implements a policy of minimizing consumer risks in terms of product quality.

All cases of receiving claims from consumers are registered, the reasons are analyzed and, if objective claims are identified, appropriate measures are developed. We carry out preventive measures to prevent damage to the interests of consumers on an ongoing and continuous basis.


The company ensures respect for privacy and personal data protection by using reliable and secure systems for collecting and protecting consumer data. Consumer information is collected only through legal means. The collection of personal data of consumers of the Company's products and services is limited to information that is necessary to provide products or services or is provided on a voluntary basis with the consent of the consumer. The collected personal data of consumers is protected using effective security measures.


We are expanding the perimeter of interaction with stakeholders to integrate sustainable development aspects into the strategic and operational activities of the Company, reduce the impact on the environment and climate, and contribute to the improvement of social infrastructure. The company pays special attention to the tasks of improving safety and quality of life, developing social infrastructure, education, healthcare, culture, national traditions and the identity of local communities.

We raise the level of knowledge of our employees and develop interaction with local and global international non-governmental and humanitarian organizations.

In 2019, the Company joined the UN Global Compact and the National Network of the UN Global Compact in the Russian Federation. In 2020, a representative of the Company was elected to the Governing Council of the National Network of the Global Compact in the Russian Federation.

At the national level, we actively interact with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, representatives of the Company are members of the RSPP Committees: on Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency; on the labor market and social partnership; on industrial safety.

In 2019, the Company joined the All-Russian Industry Association of Employers of the Oil and Gas Industry of the Russian Federation in order to improve the efficiency of regulation of social and labor relations between an employee and an employer.

During 2020, the Company is participating in the preparation of recommendations for the G20 ("B20") in the target working groups "Energy, Sustainability and Climate", "The Future of Employment and Education", "Digitalization", "Finance and Infrastructure". 

Detailed information on the Company's participation in associations, national and international organizations, support of international and national economic, environmental and social initiatives is presented in the Company's 2019 Annual Report as well as on the Company's website

FOCUS 2021

  • Integration of the Sustainable Development Goals into the Company's business model with the involvement of partners and contractors, as well as local communities.
  • Joining international and national initiatives and platforms for
  • sustainable development and the transition to carbon neutrality,
  • building partnerships. In particular, a decision was made to join the Company to the Science Based Targets (SBTi) international initiative on scientifically grounded goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to prevent the consequences of climate change.
  • Development of the program of social licensing of the Company's activities and business projects of the TATNEFT Group enterprises (SLO).

Expanding the practice of socially responsible investment - assessing ESG factors along the entire product life cycle from development to recycling in accordance with the international UN PRI Principles for Responsible Investment.