2019 Interactive Sustainability Report

Sustainable development

The company seeks to create long-term growth in shareholder value by making a positive contribution to the development of the company based on best corporate practices.

We are aware of the large-scale role of energy companies in global economic development and equal responsibility for the high efficiency of our business processes, effective provision of industrial safety, labor protection, the environment, social well-being of personnel and local communities, the importance of the development and implementation of advanced environmentally friendly technologies.

The Company's position is that only if a balance is maintained between these aspects and the expansion of social partnership can harmonious, effective and sustainable development of business and society as a whole be ensured.

Our position on sustainable development is based on three key priorities:

Ensuring production and financial efficiency with a high level of responsibility for industrial and environmental safety, as well as social development of society.

We strive to increase the production potential, competitiveness and growth of the Company's value based on a conscious attitude to industrial and environmental safety, respect for people and the environment, creating common value and improving the quality of life. We adhere to preventive measures to manage safety, make a significant contribution to the development of social infrastructure and constantly improve our operations.

Shaping a sustainable energy future

As society's demand for clean and affordable energy continues to grow, we produce petroleum products and petrochemicals with constantly improving environmental performance. We are committed to developing and implementing innovative technologies and being an active part of the energy industry in the search for low-carbon solutions. We control greenhouse gas emissions in our production chains and take steps to provide low carbon products to help our customers reduce harmful emissions. We aim to reduce carbon intensity by 10% by 2025 and by 20% by 2030 towards the baseline, in line with the global society's goals to achieve the Paris Agreement goals.

Positive contribution to society

We contribute to the development of the local economy by creating jobs and providing reliable social guarantees for workers and social support for their families, training and professional development, attracting local suppliers and contractors, as well as paying taxes and voluntary social investments in the development of social infrastructure.

We are improving approaches to managing aspects of sustainable development based on the full integration of relevant goals within the Company's strategy and business processes.