2019 Interactive Sustainability Report

Human rights and business ethics

The company recognizes the importance of respecting and abiding by the fundamental human rights proclaimed by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As an international company conducting business projects in countries with different political systems and cultural traditions, Tatneft proceeds from the premise that everyone should have all the rights and freedoms proclaimed in it, without any distinction, regardless of race, skin color, gender, age, language, religion, political or other convictions, national or social origin, property, class or other status, including the right to work, the right to a healthy environment, the rights of indigenous peoples and special groups of the population, and others.                         

Our approach extends to all of our employees and contractors. It is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the core conventions of the International Labor Organization and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Human rights due diligence is built into our existing processes and structures, such as the Health, Safety, Environment and Social Performance Management System.                

We focus on the four areas of our business that are most related to human rights: security, labor rights, supply chains and local communities.


The company follows the principle of respect for people and the possibility of development for everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity or other differences.


Commitment to human rights
  •  The company strives to adhere to the basic principles in the field of labor relations and environmental protection, enshrined in the UN and International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions.
  •  The company does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination.
  • The Company respects the rights of every employee to collective representation of interests, including trade union organizations, eliminating any possibility of a hostile, humiliating or offensive atmosphere for human dignity.
  • The company assumes obligations in relation to the rights to a favorable environment and safe work and intends to carry out all available and practically implemented set of measures to prevent injuries, occupational diseases of personnel, accidents and reduce their consequences.
  • The Company supports the preservation of the national and cultural identity of the peoples living in the regions where the Company operates.
  • The company recognizes and respects the rights of trade unions, including those enshrined in the basic ILO conventions:

-        the right of every worker to be represented by a trade union of his / her own choice and basic trade union rights regarding freedom of association and the right to organize workers in trade unions, and the right to collective bargaining;

-        exclusion of any form of forced or forced labor; de facto exclusion of child labor;

-        promoting and ensuring equality of opportunity and treatment of workers in employment, including equal remuneration for women and men for work of the same value, as well as non-discrimination in labor and employment. 

Respect for human rights in the Company. Feedback. "Hotline"

Assessment of the Company's activities in the field of human rights is carried out on an ongoing basis in the process of strategic planning, assessment of aspects of operational activities, within the framework of the risk management system, analysis of calls to the "hotline" and feedback.

The main directions of monitoring in the field of human rights observance: compliance with legal requirements; internal audit in terms of compliance with corporate procedures and standards for areas of activity; conducting procedures for assessing the impact on the environment of production activities and the effectiveness of measures for industrial safety and labor protection; interaction with the Trade Union Organization and monitoring of the implementation of the Collective Agreement; interaction with stakeholders.

 The corporate culture code of TATNEFT Company includes values and rules of business ethics.

The Company has committees in the area of competence of which are issues related to ensuring human rights:

- Committee of the Board of Directors of PJSC TATNEFT for corporate governance.

-Management committee for personnel issues.

- Committee on Ethics and Corporate Culture Development.



The company strives to ensure the safety of personnel and production and economic facilities, respecting the human rights to safe work and the safety of local communities. We carefully assess the potential risks of our operations and work with government agencies, partners and contractors, and public associations to ensure the safety of our assets and a safe working environment for employees and contractors. The company strictly adheres to the principle of preventive safety measures and implements safety standards and regulations at all of its facilities.

Ensuring labor rights

The company adheres to the principles of protecting the rights of workers and contractors in accordance with the main conventions of the International Labor Organization and the provisions of the UN Global Compact. Labor rights include freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, the elimination of all types of discrimination and the provision of equal opportunities, quality working conditions, adequate remuneration, the elimination of forced labor and child labor. The company strives to create an inclusive environment for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups, providing quality jobs and creating opportunities for education, as well as for further development and professional growth.

Ensuring human rights in the supply chain

The company follows a policy of interaction with partners, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors based on the principles of mandatory respect for human rights. This means that at the heart of any business relationship the Company sees strict adherence by all participants in business processes to fundamental international principles and norms in the field of human rights. We expect our business partners, contractors and suppliers to adhere to these principles and are improving special mechanisms to prevent any violations in these areas in the Company's activities.

Ensuring the human rights of local communities

The company assesses the impact it has on people living near our facilities as a result of its current production activities as well as planned activities. This assessment is based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The company aims to provide preventive measures to prevent negative impact on public health and safety, environmental safety and social infrastructure in general. The sequence of our actions includes an analysis of the possible impact and the development of measures to eliminate or minimize the negative impact, as well as the implementation of targeted projects to improve the quality of life and develop social infrastructure in the territories of our operations.

Review progress

In 2019 - 2020 The company has taken steps to integrate human rights procedures into corporate practice.

The principles of human rights observance are included in the Corporate Culture Code of the Company and the Collective Agreement in separate sections.

The main priority is given to the analysis of ensuring human rights in each of the four areas on which the Company is focused. In particular, information on the current state of industrial and environmental safety at the Company's enterprises, including the assessment of contractors and suppliers, as well as information on the measures taken is reviewed by the Company's management on a weekly basis with the participation of top management involved in the impact of our production and economic activities on the environment. At the same time, the issues of social welfare of workers and local population are considered on a regular basis.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company pays special attention to ensuring measures to preserve the health and life of people, preventive measures, including preventive measures, testing and vaccination, as well as to provide high-tech medical care. Details on the Company's actions in a pandemic are available on the Company's website in the #STOPCOVID19 section.

We consider the further development of feedback mechanisms with the population with the maximum coverage of stakeholders as an important area of ​​ensuring the rights of local communities. The company develops the practice of Public Councils to receive feedback from the population on ongoing production and infrastructure projects. Regular questionnaires and public surveys are conducted. There is a hot line and a direct dialogue with the authorized representatives of the Company is provided.

In the area of ​​labor rights, our efforts are focused on developing professional growth opportunities. At the same time, we carry out constant monitoring, training and wellbeing of employees.

The company strives to develop an inclusive environment for people with disabilities in labor relations in hiring, training and career development, in education from a young age, as well as in improving infrastructure to ensure a good quality of life.

Focus 2021

In 2021, we plan to focus on the following areas:

  • Assessment and improvement of the community feedback mechanism on the criteria for access to legal remedies in the Business Guiding Principles and Human Rights.
  • Development of the practice of social licensing of our activities.
  • Raise the standards for our supply chain to comply with the Business Guiding Principles and Human Rights of Contractor and Supplier Engagement to ensure that our principles of worker well-being are respected at large construction and manufacturing sites.

Development of in-house training on human rights for workers and contractors.

Business ethics

The company operates on the basis of maintaining an impeccable reputation and adhering to ethical business practices.

Our principles of business ethics determine the rules of the Company's business for effective integration with the business community and the social environment, provide for the strict observance of legislative, ethical and professional norms and standards by all employees.

The principles of the Company's business ethics are based on:

∙ Respect for human rights, including labor rights, freedom of association and trade union activity, and the rights of local communities;

∙ Rejection and counteraction to corruption and fraud in all forms and manifestations;

∙ Adherence to the rules of fair competition;

∙ Information transparency.

   We consider compliance with the requirements of legislation and international law, international agreements of the Russian Federation as the basis of our activities in the field of sustainable development, and we also take into account the best international standards of business ethics.

   The corporate documents of the Company contain our official position and enshrine the norms of behavior and obligations concerning both relationships within the workforce and interaction with external stakeholders. Based on the fundamental importance of ethical standards to us, we demand the fulfillment of similar obligations from any organizations and persons acting on behalf of the Company and strive to extend the norms of conduct (including respect for human rights) to relations with business partners, suppliers and contractors through their information.

  We aim to create and maintain long-term and stable relations with all stakeholders based on mutual trust, full fulfillment of obligations, openness, exchange of experience, mutual support, taking into account the balance of interests of our shareholders, business partners, contractors, local communities and other stakeholders. ...

   The company supports free competition and entrepreneurship, and pursues a fair and open policy towards competing organizations. The company does not enter into relationships with persons using illegal and / or unethical business practices.

    Acting as an employer, taxpayer, user of natural resources, the Company treats its duties with all conscientiousness and rationality and strives to make an effective contribution to the economic and social development of the regions of presence and the creation of favorable living conditions in them.

    The Company is a responsible partner of the state, the business community, the population, the public and in all regions of its activity interacts and consults with business partners, counterparties, representatives of the public and everyone who cooperates with the Company on socially significant issues related to its activities.

We openly inform shareholders, partners, employees and other interested parties about our activities, ensuring the exercise of their right to regular and timely receipt of complete and reliable information in the manner and in the forms established by the current legislation and internal documents of the Company.

The company protects confidential information constituting state, official or commercial secrets, insider information, as well as personal data in accordance with applicable law. The procedure for access to such information, its use and protection is established by the current legislation and the relevant internal documents of the Company.

Ethics and Corporate Culture Development Committee

The Committee for Ethics and Corporate Culture Development is an advisory body of the Company on issues related to the observance of business ethics and promotion of the integration of uniform corporate culture standards in the TATNEFT Group. The Committee is responsible for making appropriate decisions and making recommendations for employees and officials of the Company.

All interested parties can contact the Ethics and Corporate Culture Development Committee through all available communication channels, including the Hotline.

In difficult cases concerning the ethical aspects of dealing with competitors, employees should contact the management of the Company, and managers should contact the Board of Directors and its relevant committees.

We consider the strengthening of corporate culture to be the main mechanism for ensuring a high level of corporate business ethics and preventing any violations. The company implements appropriate targeted programs and activities aimed at increasing the knowledge of employees in all aspects of adopted corporate norms and standards, as well as in the area of ​​trends in the development of advanced business practices and sustainable development in general.