2019 Interactive Sustainability Report

Corporate Sustainability Management

The company seeks to create long-term growth in shareholder value by making a positive contribution to the development of the company based on best corporate practices.

We are improving approaches to managing aspects of sustainable development based on the full integration of relevant goals within the Company's strategy and business processes.

Sustainable Development Management System


Management at the level of the Board of Directors and management of the Company


Formation of sustainable development targets and performance KPIs. Integrating the SDGs into Strategy and Business planning.


Formation of program actions.
Evaluating the effectiveness of results.
Risk control.

The directions of the Company's sustainable development activities are assigned to top management with a clear distribution of powers and responsibilities.


Creation of common value, taking into account the fair interests of stakeholders.

Regular consideration by the Board
of Directors of aspects of the Company's
sustainable developmentdecision-making

High professionalism and level of competence of the Board of Directors. Continuous improvement of knowledge of members of the Board of Directors in the field of sustainable development

A high level of involvement of top management and all employees of the Company in the implementation of the SDGs.

Strategic and operational planning of the Company's activities in the field of sustainable development.

Integration of the Principles and Aspects of Sustainable Development into the value chain at the level of all business processes.

Integration of the Principles and Aspects of Sustainable Development into the production chain, taking into account all stages of the life cycle of products and services.

Striving to maximize the involvement of business partners, suppliers and contractors in the implementation of the Principles, aspects of sustainable development and 17 SDGs.

Systemic transformation of the business model aimed at long-term sustainable development

  1. Development of the Circular Economy - recycling and reuse of limited resources.
  2. Integration of global challenges to combat climate change and decarbonization into the Company's business model.
  3. Assistance in the creation of a favorable environmental, ecological and social-infrastructural urban environment and settlements in the territory of the Company's operations.
  4. Increasing attention to business value in the context of its importance to multiple stakeholders and its social and environmental impacts.
  5. Integration into business processes of the SDGs as a frame of reference for ensuring sustainable growth.
  6. Increasing the level of disclosure of information on ESG aspects of the Company's activities and contribution to the SDGs for investors and other stakeholders, including Sustainable Development Reporting.

In its activities, the Company takes into account the action platforms of the WBCSD

In 2019, the Board Director of PJSC TATNEFT appointed an independent director, Mr. Laszlo Gerecs, in charge of overseeing the Company's activities related to climate change.

Enhancing the collective ESG knowledge of the Board members 

The Company takes appropriate procedures to develop and improve the collective knowledge of the Board of Directors on economic, environmental and social issues, including the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Global Compact and the Paris Agreement signed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which regulates the measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the air from 2020, as well as other key international and national documents.

In 2019, the Board of Directors considered issues in the field of sustainable development in the following areas:

  • Joining the UN Global Compact.
  • The Company's strategy in the energy sector of the future.
  • Social investments of the Company.
  • Activities of the TATNEFT Charitable Foundation.
  • Development of a unified management system for social projects and programs of TATNEFT Group.
  • Health, Safety, and Environment Policy with considerations to the climate change.
  • About the member of the Board of Directors of PJSC TATNEFT responsible for overseeing activities related to the climate change.
  • Implementation of the goals and projects of the IT strategy: fact of 2018 and plans for 2019–2020.
  • Implementation of the goals and projects of the innovation and technological strategy: fact of 2018, medium and long-term projects.The Company’s strategy in the energy sector of the future.
  • Implementation of the IT-Strategy goals and projects: 2018 actual results and plans for 2019-2020.
  • Accomplishment of the innovation and technology strategy goals and projects: 2018 actual results, medium-and longterm projects.


  • Implementation of the sustainable development goals of PJSC TATNEFT in the framework of the UN Global Compact.
  • On the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal "Clear Water and Sanitation".
  • Taking urgent actions to combat the climate change and its consequences.
  • Protection and restoration of terrestrial ecosystems, as well as promotion of sustainable use thereof for sustainable forests management, combatting desertification, halting and reversing land degradation and halting the biodiversity loss process.
  • Ensuring healthy lifestyles and promoting the well-being for persons of any age (UN SDG Goal 3).
  • Providing for inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all (UN SDG Goal 4).