2019 Interactive Sustainability Report

Responsible business

We recognize the global challenges, problems and trends related to aspects of sustainable development, adhere to the provisions of the UN Global Compact, the UN Responsible Investment Initiatives (UNPRI), the UN Sustainable Development Goals, approved by resolution A / RES / 70/1 of the UN General Assembly on 25.09. 2015, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), as well as the G20 / OECD Fundamental Principles of Corporate Governance and the Social Charter of Russian Business, the RSPP Approaches to the Formation of National Indexes of Corporate Sustainability, Responsibility and Openness for Sustainable Development.

We are aware of the large-scale role of energy companies in global economic development and equal responsibility for the high efficiency of our business processes, effective provision of industrial safety, labor protection, the environment, social well-being of personnel and local communities, the importance of the development and implementation of advanced environmentally friendly technologies.

The Company's position is that only if a balance is maintained between these aspects and the expansion of social partnership can harmonious, effective and sustainable development of business and society as a whole be ensured.

FTSE4GOOD Emerging Index

TATNEFT is included in the authoritative international stock exchange index - FTSE4GOOD Emerging Index of companies that are benchmarks of efficiency and transparency in environmental, social and management (ESG) practices. The index is compiled by the analytical division of the London Stock Exchange - FTSE Russell - the leader in stock market indices, which calculates indices for more than 80 countries and for all asset classes, covering 98% of the global invested markets. The professional investment funds with a total asset management volume of about $16 trillion use the FTSE Russell indices as a standard for making investment decisions.

TATNEFT, from the very beginning of its activity, adheres to high standards of the policy of corporate social and environmental responsibility, general humanitarian values ​​and international initiatives in this area, the principles of ethical behavior and openness.

The implementation of the Company’s Strategy involves sustainable growth aspects and ensuring favorable economic and social conditions for business development based on the most efficient use of all types of resources and creating value for stakeholders at each stage of activity. 

Since 2015, the Company has been implementing the Principles and Goals of Sustainable Development.

In 2019, the Company joined the UN Global Compact and the UN Global Compact National Network as a member. The company publicly reaffirms its commitment to the UN Global Compact Corporate Responsibility Initiative and its human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption principles.

We adhere to the alignment of our plans and actions with global, national and regional development priorities in the field of economic, environmental and social goals and objectives, integrating our capabilities into business decision-making.

The company shares the principles of fundamental international declarations and conventions in the field of human rights, labor relations, anti-corruption, environmental protection, including: 

  • • The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • • UN Declaration on Environment and Development;
  • • Declaration of Fundamental Rights and Principles at Work of the International Labor Organization (ILO);
  • • ILO Convention No. 87 "Concerning Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize";
  • • ILO Convention No. 98 “Concerning the Application of the Principles of the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining”;
  • •  ILO Convention No. 111 “Concerning Discrimination in the Field of Labor and Occupation”.

The principles of these international documents are enshrined in the internal regulatory documents of the Company and are integrated into corporate practice. 

Compliance with the principles of fundamental international declarations and conventions in the field of the Principles and Goals of Sustainable Development, Human Rights, Labor Relations, Anti-Corruption, Environmental Protection is reflected on the Company's website in the section "Sustainable Development" as well as in the Company's internal documents.

More information on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals