2019 Interactive Sustainability Report


We keep developing our production and manufacturing capacities on an ongoing basis to make it possible to convert the hydrocarbon reserves into high value added products

The business model of the Company is built on the full vertical integration principle on the basis of high discipline in the capital management, ensuring the most efficient monetization of reserves and directing profit to create new promising points of growth in value that would increase the Company’s profitability under the 2030 Strategy and beyond the horizon of 2030 taking into account all sustainable development aspects.

1.38MLNTONNESHYDROCARBONRESERVES5.6PRODUCTOUTPUTBLNRUB29.8MLNTONNESOILPRODUCTION206.7THOUSBBLSPER DAYAVERAGE DAILY REFININGOF CRUDE OIL21MLNTONNESOF CRUDE OIL SOLD12MLNTONNESOF PETROLEUMPRODUCT SOLD4142THOUSTONNESRETAIL FUEL SALESMLNPCS10.3TIRE OUTPUTLUCRATIVE PRODUCTIONPROPELLING NEW GROWTHPOINTS1.5BLN KW•HPER YEARELECTRICITY GENERATION2.3BLNRUBNET PROFIT FROMBANKING OPERATIONS1.76CAPITALIZATIONTLNRUBMACHINE BUILDINGBANKINGVALUECREATIONUPSTREAMDOWNSTREAMTIRE BUSINESSOIL & GAS CHEMICALSHEAT & POWER GENERATIONRETAIL NETWORKCRUDE OIL AND PETROLEUMPRODUCT SALES: EXPORT ANDDOMESTIC MARKETUpstreamOil production growth and reserve replacement• Strengthening the resource base• Geographical expansion of producing assets• Hard-to-recover oil field development includingsuper-viscous oil fieldsDownstreamProduction highly demanded and competitiverefined oil products and petrochemicals throughqualitative strengthening of asset structure andimproved operating performance of businessstreams:• Sales of crude and petroleum products, including export and domestic market• Oil refining• Oil and gas production chemicals• Tire business• Heat and power generation• Machine building• EngineeringBuilding an efective banking structurewith a high reputation in the financialcommunity in key systems such as corporate, investment and private banking, including ZENIT Bank and itssubsidiaries (ZENIT Banking Group).The ZENIT Banking Group has beenconsolidated in the financial statementsof the TATNEFT Group since Q4 2016.

Capital (resources)